Our Customers and 111 Emergency calls

Your residential landline may use the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), therefore your phone service will become unavailable with a power failure, and you will be unable to use your landline to dial 111 Emergency.

The NZ Government has introduced a Commission 111 Contact Code regulation, giving you, the consumer, new rights, if you qualify as being  Vulnerable.
A Vulnerable Consumer is someone at your residence who has:
  • A known specific medical condition
  • Safety issues (i.e. family violence)
  • A disability

and needs access to 111 Emergency 24 hours daily.

If a resident qualifies as a Vulnerable Consumer, either for a temporary event/period, or ongoing (subject to annual review), and has no other means of calling 111 during a power failure, you can apply to us for an alternative means to call 111. 

If you don’t have cell phone coverage as an alternative contact method we will provide you with equipment that will run your internet and VoIP phone for up to 8 hours during a power failure.
To register as/or on behalf of a vulnerable user please complete this form, and return it to (the parent company of CLIC, Lakes & TussockNet) to verify your status. Your particular risk is to be confirmed by one of the following -i.e. 
  • Nominated competent person, (i.e. health practitioner, police officer, social worker, lawyer, family court judge).
  • Evidence (Notice of “Potential Medically Dependent Consumer Status” (MDC form), protection order, letter from health practitioner, documentation of impairment.
Please note:
  • Applicants authorise Yrless+ to contact any nominated person(s) on their behalf to discuss/confirm their application and any renewal(s).
  • Successful applications will be subject to a statutory annual review, reporting & information retention requirements.
  • Any equipment/services Yrless+ provides under a ‘vulnerable person’ declaration: is solely for emergency services / 111 access via Yrless+ and it's child companies VoIP connections, and not any other use (as this will diminish the coverage period, and will be beyond Yrless+ control )
  • is supplied as-is suitable for a typical Yrless+ installation – any consequential changes (eg extra wiring, relocations, modifications etc) will remain the customers responsibility
  • will be provided to the entry point of the Yrless+ services onto a property; Yrless+ does not control or will not be responsible for covering additional network elements provided by the customer (relay links, repeaters, cordless phones, medical alarms)
  • remain the property of Yrless+ and are to be promptly returned when the declaration ceases effect replacement due to damage will be at customers cost
  • is not to be modified or have their installation/cabling changed without Yrless+ authorization since this will likely affect the coverage period provided
  • will be provided on condition of Yrless+ access with reasonable notice to review the installation effectiveness (as required to confirm we are meeting our obligations under the 111 Vulnerable User Code)
  • will  be treated with reasonable care according to Yrless+ instructions when in use (especially mains cabling and ventilation)
  • Since the telephone service is being provided as VoIP (requiring Internet access), customers must maintain a current suitable data plan with Yrless+ to provide this Internet access.
  • Both parties have rights and obligations under the 111 Contact Code, subject to a dispute resolution process  – please refer to the Guidance sections at the end of the Application Form for details.